Suffering Humanity

You will die alone
In this world
There is no gain, now humanity is crying in shame
The god you trusted isn’t here for you now, you have no one to blame
Take the fucking bullet
Time to take the pain
Now you live in agony, being beaten by the daily grind
Living paycheck to paycheck, only to just live in this grime
All the time that's been wasted begging to your false gods
Humanity fails, Chaos prevails
We are the tortured souls that walk the streets
Killing and stealing to make ends meet
What can we do to fucking survive this plague that we all call our lives
Sacrifice, all that lives
When you're alone, in this life, where do you stand
Never did you ask for this.
You'll never
Trust anybody
Never find your path
Wont redeem urself
You will die alone
You all give in,
To the life,
That you fucking hate,
You have lost your chance
Fear for your life
Its time to say goodbye.
Suffering Humanity
You’ll never face reality
You’ll rot in your own dream world
You’ve made your mistakes again and again
There's nothing left to prove