Subject 42

Butchered, all of human life with a single blow
Demise, laid upon the weakest kind
Ravage, soul less demons kill off the heard
My mind, is set for eternal punishment
Ravaging this world
Is my horde of demons
Armies swarm pushing forward
Toward the worlds demise

Gods left blistered
Malicious animosity

Pillaging the lives
Wasting space on this earth
Tyranny presses on
This world will collapse

Death is the blessing
Rapture is the only answer

Scarring continues
Harvesting for the rebirth
My kind will dominate
Fixing your gods mistakes

No one can save you from this wretched world
The poison ridden air
Will take your breath

The cleansing has begun
Welcome to your demise

The last man to walk on will be me

Viciously dissecting
Your Festering remains
Genetic engineering

Splicing the skin
Blood hits the ground like rain

Raging inside are the
Urges to kill

No one is leaving sessions of being torn
Distorted bodies failing subjects slowly dying in scorn

Abysmal punishment
Shackled in confinement
Let blade sever what ever is
Not my design
Scraps are fed to the demons

You worthless heap of disgust
Hang by whats left of your carcass

Carving the mold of a future breed
I am the maker of perfection
Putting my print on this wretched world
Put an end to hopeless disease
Of the human race

This pathetic waste of life must not continue
I will slaughter until extinction
Let the blood flow