Severed Hope

No dignity
World dissipating
Dissolving in putridity
Gaining only the obsession of death
Controlling nothing but the millions in debt
The Human mind is not designed to be free
Control is lost
Programed misery
I stand by as the world lights itself to a flame
Wondering why we are still alive
The spawns that breathe in toxins of war
Are taught revenge from the womb

The monster you all have created
You feed the machine 
Consuming all of the waste
Corporate elites will never cease
Till you are erased
From the earth
In the dirt
Onto the next
Sucker of the free world
What we are
A severed hope for society
We are numb
We are paralyzed
We are fighting to survive this disgusting life
Not knowing whats to come
Living in the shadows
Stuck in the filth
We've Been tainted, for far too long
Languished breeding, Hatred from the core
Pollution of the scorned

This world is upside down and we don’t feel a thing