No More Faith

I'm a fallen angel, I was raised in this cell

I will bow to no one, why am I stuck in this hell

I need to find a way out, I will dig until I'm sane

No one can trust me, I need to find my inner self


You always told me, You never wanted me to feel stuck

From what I've been through, my views on life are purely fucked


My life has been nothing, but stress, and ignorance

You've added nothing but hatred and anger


I will make sure what comes to you

Is pain and suffering, the goals I've had will never be reached

While I'm in your hands

I'll never give back anything


But I wont give in, I wont throw my life away

You've driven me to the point of no return

I'm sick and tired of your lies

I want to see you suffer


I want to see you suffer, You will be left behind

Look up to me with the blood in your eyes

You pushed me to the point of me taking your life



You will be sacrificed

To the demons that I have bred

Devoured as a whole

You will be torn apart

I've become this psychotic animal

Stuck to the idea of a cannibal


Eat all of your skin and bones


Break apart your fucking neck

You've never felt pain like this

Gutted like a fucking pig


I am inhuman

I have lost all of my sanity

You're the first that I fucking kill

You were wrong. Now your gone. Slit your throat.

Now I'll show you who the king is


Defilement of the Severed