Ruin ft. Frank Mullen

I wake
Confined in my walls
My mind runs wild
Restrained from humanity
Left to rot
Trapped forever in damnation
Against my will
My own nightmares haunting me everyday
I have grown ill
I wont accept my fate
This pain will be erased
Chains release
Doors busted wide
My time for redemption arises
In the tomb of disgust
Museum of treachery
I see what you have tried to do to me
Toxins being pumped into my veins
Blood turns cold
My conscious slowly turns to a primal savage state
Adrenaline consumes my mind
Ravaging thoughts proceed in vein
No one will escape this pain
I will deliver with my own two hands
No survivors, will live to tell the tale
Of their own creation turning
On its maker, you beg, you cry
You want a second chance
You cant undo this mess
Look what you've done to me
Look at my fucking face
Beg for your god forsaken life
Just fucking test your luck
Your first mistake was leaving me to fucking rot
Brute strength and rage
Bringing forth demise to all
The sickness
Has been spread
I am the host
Madness has begun
No way to stop me
I claim this ruin
My terrain
To kill
I have become
One with myself
The killing I will unleash
Has just begun
I am the king of ruin