Reign of Torment

Devastation amongst this land
Surrounding me
Is the walking waste of life
My plan is to Kill Them All
This desolate graveyard
Is where my kingdom shall rise
This Hatred Consumes Me
I now feel the need
To make you weep and bleed
You sobbing
Hopeless fuck
There's no begging for mercy now
You brought this on yourself
Your pathetic ways
I’m here to conquer
The rage has built in me
To obtain the power of gods
Despair is spread
Treacherous oppressors
Permanently conjoined
Necrosis taken over
Streets run of melted flesh
Bones turned to dustRuinous divinity
Disastrous nirvana
Catastrophic satisfaction
To watch this genocide
Torment consumes all
Lacerating in my kingdom are slaves
Causing wreckage to their will
In my hell left
The tormented
To test their pain
I start to Stab, Cut, Split
Limb from limb
Rip Bone From bone
My kingdom of distortion
Will never falter
I can not be stopped
Try and say your prayers

And you thought you can be fucking saved.

Let your God feel the wrath
Only death can save you