Internal Execution

Day by day as your life collapses, all pain - no forgiveness
You walk in shame

Bow to me
I will never back down
Until I pry off the crown
Darkness clouds my mind
Sharpening the knife that will end your life

I'm left to pick out the lies
That you have set before me
Only leaving part of the truth for me to have to build upon
I feel nothing
Fucking Nothing

Demented nightmares become truth
You are open to absolute cruelty
Beg forgiveness
Torture is an understatement
Creativity at its best
You're faced with this torment
Welcome to my hell
Your anguish is mystery
This suffering you will endure wont be your lastWelcome to the nightmare I've created
I'm in your mind and I am here to stay

Your fear is my imagination
You're forever reminded of your guilts
There's no redemption for the mistakes you've made
Decapitate all the weak, forever on your back
Loved Ones Lie SeveredYour enemy is immortal
Crushing with brute power