Infiltration of the Mind

Infiltrate your mind
Violate your right
Desecrate your beliefs
Exterminate your kind
You are paranoid of the demise
Waking in fear
The sense of drowning in the abyss
Of time will soon consume
Constantly visioning the fatality
You cant avoid what's coming to you
I wont let you stand between me and your lucidity
I will crush down these walls with all my might
Try and stop me
Intertwined with the strain
Conducting your task
Manipulate the brain
Make your own hands do the work
Look at my plans and weep
Know that your life is shattered
You can't cure me
I command the spawn
This ruining has begun
In this hell you imagine you are stuck with me
Digging deeper to the core
Twisting your nightmares Into my shapes
Held against your will
New vision of consciousness
Reaches to you
Trapped in this state
You will never escape
Armies awaking
The Bringers of death
You are purely a vessel
I am the disease
Controlling your every move
Bringing catastrophe