Concrete walls cant contain my hatred
Trapped in this prison where hell is existent
Knife in my hands I'm coming for you
Stabbing at the one who put me here
Raping and Defiling all the thoughts you had of me
Held down by the arms of my sanity
Don't scream anymore I will cut you out
You're gonna find out what I'm all about
Nobody will die for your sins anyway
Bitch you don't know shit about true pain
All your lies have put me here
Your reality is on true fear
Where are you? I've escaped this living hell
The voices, scream at me everyday    
Why am I stuck in this prison where I'm not meant to be
Inside I rot, there is no room to breath
My rage is piling and I'm reaching for the knife
Its time I mutilate your insides, carving out whats left to be
Ripping at your innards throwing them the fuck away
Slashing the tongue from the mouth that once betrayed me
Wipe the blood from my face and enjoy the taste.
You're still breathing
You're tied up and mangled for
my own pleasure
The smell of rotting flesh
... It fills the air
...of all despair
The last you'll see
is my face
as this gun puts you in your fucking place
Speak now scum,
for there's no more
All I know is murder