Enslaved Souls

Your soul will beg for mercy that I will not give
I drive to violate your kind for as long as I live
Ravaging cities
Just to take whats mine
Bring out the martyr
Its time to pay the price
Feeling the blade
in my hand once more
Strike at the veins and watch the blood descend
Your soul, will beg
I crave, decay
Your soul will beg
There is no escape

You fear the reckoning
I am the taker of life
You sense the terror
Castigated for bliss
You hide in plain site
In my maze of genocide
You won't survive
No one can save you now
You are mine I am here to dismantle you
No gods, no false idols
Just cry for help…
Just me and the blade as I mangle
The lives spared,
Living piles of flesh
The souls have perished
Nor received from a heaven or hell
Floating in this realm of hatred
Forever mine
This world has seen the end
Of life in front of their eyes
The souls have been awaken
Only to see the final stage
Of dismay
Trapped here until damnation
No hope for a second chance
The souls are forever mine
Your soul will beg
There is no escape